Wars of Attrition

at·tri·tion – əˈtriSH(ə)n – noun  the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure
Who’s tired of Trump, every fucking person reading this? Cool, lets keep talking then. Right now we’re in the middle of an ideological war for what this country stands for. Every day it’s a constant ebb and flow and what they’re doing now or who is getting hurt by this legislation there, etc. It’s exhausting, right? That’s attrition, that’s the game here, there is so much of a flood of rights being rolled back and rulings getting over turned that it’s tired to keep up. Here’s the thing though, this is a fucking siege,  and there’s only one way to fight back and that’s to not stop. The moment we stop is the moment we get a jack boot to the throat.
This isn’t a call to arms because I’m not nearly important enough to do it, it’s just a reminder to not stop fighting. January had a lot of spirit and energy and that feels like years ago because just every day is another attack. I don’t even think it’s necessarily on purpose, they just know they can get away with it now because they’ve already gotten away with so much. The election was a loss, not just for the Democrats but for our entire system and the only reason that is is by the end of the mad house of 2016 people were too tired to give a shit and that’s one of the reasons how we got into this. Trump isn’t going anywhere, I hate to break it to you but he’s not leaving. He’s not going to resign, he’s not going to get arrested, he’s not going to get impeached because everyone who can do any of that is on his side. It wasn’t just a presidential race, it was also a massive year for congressional and senate seats and the fuckers still won all those because they were able to make everyone so tired that they didn’t care. They won because enough people who should have voted felt so jaded that they didn’t. There were record low turn outs, and that’s exactly what they wanted. Anyone who didn’t vote? You got fucking played, big time, and now we’re all paying for your fucking mistake, I hope you’re happy.
Anyone who thought this shit would end soon is naive. Did you even peak out of the bubble and see what was going on? No, you didn’t, and that’s why you thought Trump had any chance of losing. He is the culmination of everything that was happening in this country’s poor excuse for politics for decades and we’re all to blame for it. It’s not this group or others, people who didn’t vote are just as much to blame as those who did. Anyone who lives in this country right now, this is our mess and we need to clean it up and keep fighting. Yeah, it’s tiring, of course it is, they design it to be tiring for anybody to fight this long. I’m certainly not free of blame, I haven’t done nearly enough to help any cause, but I’m trying to remedy that any way I can. Those who have been fighting since January and beyond who haven’t stopped, you’re awesome, seriously, you’ve done such a good job and those of us who haven’t been doing enough owe it to you to pick up the torch and give you a rest for a bit. This shit isn’t going to go away and we’re all in this together, it’s time for the B team to pick up the pitchforks.
If you can’t go out and march for whatever reason, and trust me, there are many, then there are other ways to do it. Use your money as a weapon for instance, it’s the only thing they care about anyway. Look at the civil rights history of any brand or store you buy from and if it’s not up to snuff, tell them. Donate to groups if you can, below are some of the major ones.
If you want to do more, get involved in local politics or at the very least become familiar with them, staying informed is one of our greatest weapons. Lastly, for the love of all that is good, never be fooled by anything, especially if it’s in line with your own beliefs. These bubbles that we create for ourselves are one of the major reasons we got into this. These bubbles caused so many of you to think Trump didn’t have a chance and they keep on making you think that he’s going to be impeached.
There is no grand plan for the Head Prostate, he’s not even an agent of chaos, he’s a blustering idiot and Washington loves a good idiot. If you’re in a position to fight, do it. If you want to fight but can’t, find other ways to support, and if you don’t want to fight because things are working well for you, get hit by a truck and save us from your continued existence.



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