Fear of an Alt-Planet

I’ve always believed in alternate realities and parallel dimensions to the point where an actual fear of mine is gradually sliding through parallel worlds, each one slightly more off than the last a la the Next Gen episode “Parallels” where Lt. Worf does that very thing. I’ve even gone so far as to even have a secret password that nobody else but me knows in the event that I run into my alternate selves so we know who we are assuming several of us share the same password. These are the things I actually think about. Now, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I’ve had this same conversation with so many people over the last month that with how fucked up everything is it seems like we’re in some weird ass parallel world where everything is just topsy-turvy. There’s been jokes in the past about this (Patton Oswalt had a pretty great bit about it during the W. Bush era) but this time it’s just such a universally recognized feeling that everything is just wrong. So what causes this? Is it the massive amount of fear we’re all living under now? Is it that everything happening just feels so inherently wrong that we all have a pretty universal feeling of this given our shared pop culture? A century’s worth of Science Fiction has warned us about EVERY fucking thing that’s happening right now. It’s like those currently in power saw 1984 (because I’m sure few of them actually read) and thought “Yes, yes, that is how a country should be run. That is how we will run everything.”

Just, what the fuck? You know what though? We let this shit happen. We let these things become out of control. We were warned about this and we still didn’t do anything about it. We of course I use in the general sense as despite what any single person has done to protest or fight we’re all in this together. So with this in mind, maybe it’s not so much a general feeling of an alternate world, maybe it’s just a feeling of disappointment that we have in ourselves. We could have done more. We could have made sure these events never came to pass by giving more of a shit and doing our part. Humans have this uncanny ability to push blame onto other things. “Oh this MUST be an alternate universe because it couldn’t be how I didn’t do my part, this isn’t on me.” Well you know what? It kinda is. I honestly am not a fan of the “they go low we go high” bull that this last election season was filled with and in turn what the Democratic party has worked with. Well, you know what? That shit has failed. I’m not saying we should go lower or stoop to their level but don’t be so high and mighty about getting your hands dirty. If we’re in a whole new world then we need whole new rules.

A close friend of mine was telling me about a union that he’s done work with and how they are asking for the bare minimum. He had this general air of dissatisfaction with it because this isn’t just about getting paid more this is about having representation and power to vote and change the rules. Nobody seems to want blood anymore. I’m not saying go out and solve everything with violence. Please, for the love of god, I’ve fought with enough people on this topic. Look I have different views on violence and how and when to use it, that’s all and that’s all I’m keeping it at. I’m getting at more that we live in a society of complacency because those in power have made us feel bad to ask for more. Do you need welfare and help to feed your kids? FOR SHAME! Oh, you want health care and better options? YOU’RE ASKING FOR TOO MUCH! You know what? Fuck you, I dealt with this shit long enough. Do you need help? ASK FOR IT WITHOUT SHAME! Gods damn, I spent way too long with that fucking guilt and I have enough other shit to worry about. Shout it out to the fucking streets, cry until you’re coughing blood, enough of this. You’re angry at how everything is? Awesome, use it. Speak up to your bosses and your teachers, ask for your fair share. We all have needs, it’s time we let the world know what they are because this is the only way we can get through this Sci-Fi nightmare we live in.


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