Transgender Day of Visibility 2017


Growing up I had a weird relationship with holidays. I mean, holidays were there, sure, but they never felt like celebrations. Since I came out in November there have been two days specific to trans people, Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, and Transgender Day of Visibility on today March 31. Day of Remembrance is a sorrowful day where we reflect on the trans people who have unjustly lost their lives over the years. It’s a day to come together, cry a bit, and enjoy what we have. Day of Visibility however is the fun one where we celebrate ourselves. I never had anything like that growing up. Sure, I’m Irish enough that St. Pat’s was a big affair in my house growing up but I never felt like it was something that I could really celebrate or be proud of. Heritage is something that you were just born into like national pride. Today though, today is a day where I can reflect on how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. Today is a day to be unapologetic and love myself and being me.

To have a day like that is empowering as hell. I spent three decades being unsure of myself and at least half of that time was spent hating myself. I was in the wrong body and I didn’t even know it. Even after coming out and transitioning I still see every single imperfection and how far I still have to go. Today though, today I look at the mirror and love what I see regardless of imperfections. I’m a proud trans woman, and while the news is scary and the government seems to want me dead I have one day where I can throw glitter in their faces and flip them off. This is a day to feel great and it’s a day to forget about the imperfections for even just 24 hours. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am and I have a lot further to go but for today I’m just me and that’s all I’ve wanted for my entire life.


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