Stop Killing Us

A second trans woman was killed in as many days this time in the same city. This is the 4th one this month and 6th all year, all were trans women of color. I myself am not a trans woman of color but that matters about as much as it should matter to anyone who is cis which is of course to say, if I could be so blunt, it fucking shouldn’t. These are human beings, whether or not you can relate to anything surface wise is arbitrary, they’re human fucking beings.

There are plenty of different people but two huge camps are those who, when met with something they don’t understand, try to and those who react in fear and disgust. Subcamp of the latter are those who also strike out at it because if they can’t fathom something about it it must be unnatural and evil. These poor women all fell prey to that last group. The families of these women and all trans sisters and brothers who have been killed have fallen prey to that last group.

Why and for what? For living and being the people they are. For decades of misrepresentation in the media. For politicians who with a stroke of a pen and a vote make the world harder for us and anyone who comes after us. For nothing. This has to end.
The following is a list of all trans people who have been killed so far this year. By the way, in case anyone forgot (or future readers) , it’s only February.

  • 01-04-2017,  Mesha Caldwell – 46, Trans Woman of Color: Shot to death near Canton, Mississippi
  • 01-06-2017, Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow – 28, Trans Woman of Color: Found dead in her apartment Sioux Falls, South Dakota, believed to be homicide
  • 01-08-2017, Sean Hake – 23, Trans Man: Shot dead by police in Sharon, Pennsylvania investigation of incident still being done. Witnesses say he was threatening to slit his own throat until Police shot him.
  • 02-08-2017, Jojo Striker – 23, Trans Woman of Color: Shot dead in Toledo, Ohio
  • 02-23-2017, Tiara Richmond (AKA Keke Collier) – 24, Trans Woman of Color – Shot dead in South Side Chicago, IL by unknown assailant while sharing the car with them and left for dead.
  • 02-25-2017, Chyna Gibson – 31, Trans Woman of Color: Shot in New Orleans, LA by unknown assailant
  • 02-26-2017, Ciara McElveen – 26, Trans Woman of Color: Stabbed in New Orleans, LA and left on the side of the road. Died in the hospital 02-27-2017.

7 of us have been killed, 1 by police, all others by unknown assailants. it’s highly probable that the families of this man and these women will not see justice. Among all 53 murders of trans people from 2013 to 2015, not a single one was prosecuted or reported as a hate crime (The Guardian, 2015). Any numbers I could find from 2016 were spotty at best as many of these go unreported but I saw between 25 and 27 people for the year of 2016, we’re only now getting into March and we’ve matched about 30% of that ALREADY this year and this number is going to keep growing until we stop it. What can you do? Give a shit. That’s it, give a shit with all of your heart, empathize, sympathize, and educate yourselves and others. If you find anything you don’t understand, try to, because this has to stop. If you have friends and family who can’t seem to understand? Try to understand them too and try your hardest to get them to at the very least accept it. Do not let these names fade into the background and if you see anything happening or anything that isn’t right, be a proper ally and stand up to it. #sayhername

**Edit Including now 02-19-2017, Jaquarrius Holland – 18, Trans Woman of Color: Initially misgendered and is now being counted bringing the total of Trans Women murdered this year to 7, all of color, 5 of which occurred this month alone. **


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