New Chapters: You Can Only Prep So Much

It's been a long time since I've written and a lot has happened. The thing with massive upheavals in one's life is for all the planning and preparation, preemptive strikes and prediction, when the upheaval happens you realize that no amount of planning could have prepared you for it. I knew going into my relationship... Continue Reading →


A Conversation With the Person I Was

It was a sunny day and surprisingly pleasant for a Philadelphia summer. I was sitting in Washington Square when I saw him, he looked different than I remembered but I knew it was him. He was walking briskly with headphones, keeping just enough awareness of his surroundings as to make sure he didn't run into... Continue Reading →

Wars of Attrition

at·tri·tion - əˈtriSH(ə)n - noun  the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure Who's tired of Trump, every fucking person reading this? Cool, lets keep talking then. Right now we're in the middle of an ideological war for what this country stands for. Every day... Continue Reading →

By a Thread

How do you hold on? When your entire world seems to be slipping, what can you hang on to? Do you hang on to yourself? Do you rely on family? Do you rely on friends? Do you find solace in a hobby, or exercise, or a bottle? What keeps someone alive? When the entire world... Continue Reading →


I was still five months from being out when it happened, but I remember it very clearly. When the Pulse shooting occurred, the over all talk was about mental health, gun regulation, and in some circles, "Islamic terrorism", but never about "hey y'all, this was a serious fucking hate crime against an entire population." I... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day 2017

Mother's day is coming up and before I get into my story on it I would first like to give mass props to all mothers new and old. I would also like to give the highest regards to Mother's with special needs kids, this post is dedicated to you. I initially was going to write... Continue Reading →


Thirty is a nice, solid number. It's divisible by 5 and 10. It's the sum of three squares (1,2, and 5)  and not many of us get to survive to see it. I've been fortunate, but I also have to remember that out of the 9 trans girls who've been murdered this year (and it's... Continue Reading →

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