I was still five months from being out when it happened, but I remember it very clearly. When the Pulse shooting occurred, the over all talk was about mental health, gun regulation, and in some circles, "Islamic terrorism", but never about "hey y'all, this was a serious fucking hate crime against an entire population." I... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day 2017

Mother's day is coming up and before I get into my story on it I would first like to give mass props to all mothers new and old. I would also like to give the highest regards to Mother's with special needs kids, this post is dedicated to you. I initially was going to write... Continue Reading →


Thirty is a nice, solid number. It's divisible by 5 and 10. It's the sum of three squares (1,2, and 5) ¬†and not many of us get to survive to see it. I've been fortunate, but I also have to remember that out of the 9 trans girls who've been murdered this year (and it's... Continue Reading →

Fear of an Alt-Planet

I've always believed in alternate realities and parallel dimensions to the point where an actual fear of mine is gradually sliding through parallel worlds, each one slightly more off than the last a la the Next Gen episode "Parallels" where Lt. Worf does that very thing. I've even gone so far as to even have... Continue Reading →

Pin Cushion

I was going to write a post today about how my confidence has grown and how my punk rock upbringing is catering to my coming out and being myself and "yeah fuck you man I'm me" but that would have been a bold faced lie. You know what the actual truth is? I'm not confident,... Continue Reading →

Transgender Day of Visibility 2017

Growing up I had a weird relationship with holidays. I mean, holidays were there, sure, but they never felt like celebrations. Since I came out in November there have been two days specific to trans people, Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, and Transgender Day of Visibility on today March 31. Day of Remembrance... Continue Reading →

Two Months In

The following is more a reflection of experiences in the past two months and less observation than I normally write. Obviously my own experiences do not mimic or match any others as they're not supposed to. We all experience different things in our lives at our own speeds and in our own way. This is... Continue Reading →

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